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Software engineer in the Microsoft technology stack, focusing on native and high-scale systems development. Works for Readify.

Tag: Redis

  1. Company Backed Open Source

    What are realistic expectations to have around open source software backed by well known technology companies? This blog post was originally going to be part of a much larger post discussing the failover gap with the 'full Microsoft Redis'. The details of that can be found in a previous post…

    Redis, Microsoft, Open Source

  2. Microsoft's Redis Implementation - Mind the Gap

    Lesson's learnt Redis on Windows. Originally I had this as one big blog post, but I've decided to split it up into the technical issues and conjecture. See part 2 here. Redis - Microsoft Open Technologies Microsoft Open Technologies, a subsidary of Microsoft, has a port of the popular Redis…


  3. Using LINQPad as a Redis Client

    Want to inspect object graphs being stored in a Redis cache? Use LINQPad. Introduction At my current client engagement we needed to look at what was being stored in the cache through Microsoft's session state provider. Unfortunately at present the Redis UI tooling available doesn't have a good story when…